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Why McDonald's Has the Best Fast Food

Of all the fast food restaurants you may visit during a long road trip, the golden arches will always catch my eye: McDonald's. McDonald's contains the most delicious and crispiest food ever to be eaten. (The image above shows a street of fast food restaurants and a crown to show the best one). No matter what mood, McDonald’s has various options to fill a rumbling stomach. Many other fast food restaurants try to compete with McDonald's and make their chicken as crispy as McDonald's . . . too bad these restaurants aren’t even close to McDonald's level. McDonald's prices, happy meals, and delicious food make it great. McDonald's is the best fast-food restaurant to exist.

This is low key deep

Affordable Prices

Whenever I’m craving something, I want it to be cheap. Mcdonald’s is close to most cities and has the most affordable food. The items range from one dollar to seven, depending on your desired food. Each entree comes with enough food to fill you up, but not to the point where you feel sick. Other fast food restaurants can’t even compete with McDonald’s prices because of how superior and high up McDonald’s is in the business world. Having a cheap and delicious fast-food restaurant near you at all times is very helpful, especially for families who can’t always afford to have expensive and high-maintenance dinners.

39% of the households with an annual income of $20,000 eat once a week at the restaurant.” -- Michael Singer, a writer about McDonald’s.

Families with a low income get McDonald’s quite a bit, proving how cheap it is for people who need tasty and filling food. This restaurant is a big deal to some families because it is something they can afford, unlike other fast food places. The fast food restaurant is easily the best one out there.

Others Opinions

Some people may not agree with me; only 9.8% of North Scott agrees that McDonald’s is the best fast food restaurant. They are wrong. No other fast food restaurant can make a meal as cheap, tasty, and fast as the one and only McDanks. 90.2% of people believe that Mcdonald’s not being the best is okay since there are plenty of other fast food restaurants to beat out. Still, the factors Mcdonald’s has will dominate anything the other restaurant offers. The image to the right shows the pie chart collected from the North Scott High School survey).


I talked with a fellow McDonald’s visitor since many disagreed with me. Brooklyn Strief is a several times-a-week customer well known at her local McDonald’s.

Me: Hello, Brooklyn; why do you visit Mcdonald’s so much?

Brooklyn: This is the one place I can afford to get a fulfilling meal in my stomach at a low and quality price. [She twirls her hair as she talks about her food admirers].

We bond for a bit as we both talk about our favorite items to get. We also planned a date where we both ate some Mcdonald’s with each other!

Me: What is your favorite thing to get

Brooklyn: 1,000% spicy McChicken with a large fry and large Sprite; I love adding to the 12-cookie deal.

Me: Wow, you seem like a big fan and love their menu.

Brooklyn: Indeed. [Brooklyn states clearly]. If McDonald’sMcdonald’sMcdonald’s weren’t here, I wouldn’t be here either.

Wow, how could you not say McDonald’s is the best fast-food restaurant after that interview? Everything Brooklyn said was facts. She even included how it makes up her entire life. This cheap food has such high quality, proven by so many customer reviews claiming that it saves them a lot of time and money.


The well-known franchise brings a lot of happiness to all ages. The happy meal includes enough food to fill up a child and even comes with a toy (as shown in the image to the left). Did you know McDonald’s is one of the biggest toy distributors? We have all begged our parents for a happy meal to enjoy the new toys we saw in a commercial. Toys R Us doesn’t even compete with the one and only Ronald Mcdonald and his happy meals. Not only is Mcdonald’s kid-friendly, but it is also trendy in other countries for adults. In a 2023 survey, the golden arches were more well-known than the holy cross. How crazy is that? Not to mention, the franchise is also big into doing community work and has its own children’s hospital. It is heartwarming that these children can fight in the company of the mascot Ronald Mcdonald. (Read more about the Ronald Mcdonald Children’s Hospital). McDonald’s impact on the world proves it is the best fast food restaurant ever. Nothing will ever compete with the billion-dollar franchise.

Crispy Chicken

Out of all the restaurants I have been to (I go out to eat twice a week), no chicken has been as good as McDonald’s. Don’t even get me started on their chicken nuggets, which are made from heaven. Each bite is magical when biting into the white chicken with the most tender breading around them. McDonald’s chicken nuggets can cheer me up whenever I’m sad. When the $4.19 entry is handed to me, it is a glowing bag full of happiness. It truly makes my mood better. I mean look at the image on the right; the crispy chicken nuggets are smirking right back.

🔥 McDonald’s is King 🔥

Now you probably think I am some psycho person who lives for McDonald’s (I am). But McDonald’s does a lot more than you think for people. It gives people a filling meal for a low price, makes them happy during tough times, and tastes incredibly delicious. What is there to even hate about this place? No other fast food restaurant competes with this franchise; McDoanld’s will forever be on top. McDonald’s is the most superior out of all the fast food restaurants.

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