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Why to Join The Lance Next Year

As you sign up for classes next year, you should take journalism as an option. The Lance is the school's newspaper—a central part of the journalism class. We write weekly stories about sports, school events, and even world news. Every Wednesday, we work hard to publish an issue to entertain, so our classmates can enjoy the stories. This hard work is only done by six people each week this semester. Hopefully, this article will encourage you to take journalism next year to be a part of this family.

The Lance crew (missing Scott)

We are a Family

Every other day I get to come to B5, Mr. Chapman’s classroom, to work on my weekly article with my five other classmates. Being such a small class, we are all open to discussing anything. We help each other out and give one another ideas and opinions to benefit our writing. The more we work together, the stronger our articles are and the more views we can get from all of us being individually different! We all participate in The Lance’s Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram together; taking pictures around the school and making memes with each other is a memorable experience. This class has let us meet new friends that most of us might never have talked to. Journalism has made us all leave our comfort zones to speak about different articles and share our opinions.

Mr. Chapman enjoying his journalism students
"We needed The Lance. I think it's a great service—great for the school and great for students to have a voice" -- Mr. Chapman, Journalism teacher

Makes you a Stronger Writer

Writing articles due by Wednesday of every week keeps you on the keyboard a lot. At first finishing an article took me a whole week—I struggled to even type a page. Within two weeks I can write articles so much faster; in fact I can finish one in two days now. This benefits me with my other classes in high school because writing becomes a daily thing making it faster and easier. Jeff Goins, a writer for Medium News, states, “you get stronger by lifting small weights now and bigger ones later. The same goes for writing or any creative muscle. Writing for just a few minutes daily can build your discipline, just like running, reading, or any daily practice can.” Not only will journalism make you work hard on articles, but it will also build your intelligence, and your writing skills will improve over time.

Megan Kelly researching on her chosen topic

Write about your own Topic

Every Wednesday, we get to choose a topic to write an article about. It can be about the school, a world topic, or even you! You get to make your topic entertaining and release it to the whole school for them to read. Whatever makes you interested in writing, you can write about it in journalism. With the help of classmates, topics are fun to pick out, and we all help to produce a unique article. We edit each other's papers to ensure our reports are perfect(ish). Customizing your own topic and sharing it with the whole school makes writing for this class so much fun.

Join the Lance😊🔥

For the upcoming seniors next year, consider signing up for journalism. You meet new friends, become a better writer, and have fun! It counts as an English credit and will benefit your writing in other classes. Writing for the Lance makes me feel accomplished when I finish my article every week. It is a supportive environment that will help you be involved in something, and you can share your ideas with the school. Join The Lance by taking the journalism class.

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