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Why You Should Follow the News

As the author of the “World Wide News” segment in The Lance, I’ve been following a LOT of news and media outlets on Instagram lately. I’m not one to spend time scrolling through my feed hours on end; however, I love learning about the news. While their may be troubling stories, it’s still a good place to learn about what is happening in our functioning world. Future generations like us don’t exactly keep up with the news; therefore, we are oblivious to what is happening to our future adult lives. People who don’t listen in on the news channel should consider following news outlets on their social media.

I follow several different news outlets on Instagram to give me a range of different opinions that I am reading about. As many people know, certain news outlets tend to be notorious for providing more information that contains political bias. An example of this would be Fox News leaning more on the right while CNN leans more to the right. So, obviously you should follow the side you lean on politically, right? Actually, no.

I believe it’s more right to follow news outlets that you not only agree with politically, but also follow the ones that you might not agree with. If you followed only one news outlet, then you’re only reading stories regarding different topics on one side of the spectrum, and you’re not getting the full picture you might need to get the full story.

So what should you follow? Here’s some outlets I recommend to follow to keep yourself updated on the world:

My absolute favorite is BBC News. BBC News is not only from a different country, but the general content is from an outside perspective on our country. BBC News follows stories from all over the world, including the United States, and most stories are pretty entertaining.

The news might be bad if you only follow one source and get information from one side of the spectrum. It’s important for everyone to be able to come to their own conclusions by taking the resources at hand and understand the full story. Hopefully this will help you on the path of staying connected in the world and staying invested in our future.

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