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Why You Should Give Blood

Giving blood is simple to do, and you can have the chance to save someone’s life or several lives. When you donate blood, it can save up to three lives. North Scott has been involved with the blood drive for several years and has had great results. There are many students who get involved by volunteering or donating. The blood drive is highly encouraged to participate due to its positive influence on someone’s life.

Reasons People Give Blood

Everyone donates blood for different reasons but these seem to be the most common. First off, donating blood is fast, convenient, and life-changing. It only takes about 10 minutes to actually give blood but, the entire process may be longer depending on the setting. Most people like to donate blood because it’s generous and you get to help others that are in need. There is no substitute for blood so giving is the only way to supply life-saving blood. Giving blood helps cancer patients, blood needed for surgeries, and transfusions from traumatic injuries.

Reasons Why People Don't Give Blood

The most common reason people do not give blood is that they are afraid of needles. This is a common fear among a lot of people, but the easiest way to get over this fear is by giving blood! Another common reason people cannot give blood is that their iron is too low--eat more spinach! Your blood must meet certain standards in order for you to donate. You shouldn't give blood if you are sick, pregnant, or have high or low blood pressure. Also, remember to drink plenty of fluids.

It’s natural to be scared of needles and giving blood but once you do it you’ll feel very good about yourself. You’ll realize it wasn’t as bad as you thought, and your blood may save a life. I encourage everyone at North Scott to volunteer and have experience with giving blood.

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