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Will Avatar 2 Make Enough to Break Even?

After over 12 years of waiting, the second Avatar came out on December 16th, 2022. Avatar: The Way of Water was under production for six years, as they filmed from 2017-2020 and edited for two years. The long waiting period the Avatar Fans have been suffering through finally ended when the movie came out last month. The movie cost $250 million compared to the first at $237 million. But was all this time and money spent worth it to all of the fans?


The standards were set very high for Avatar 2 to take so long. It was a risk, with the production cost possibly outweighing the money the movie would make. James Cameron, a Canadian filmmaker, states, Avatar 2 needed to be the third or fourth highest-grossing film in history just to break even.” With all the doubt James Cameron received, Avatar 2 was able to break even. The break-even point was set at 1.4 billion dollars and is currently making $1.825 billion. This movie’s profit within the month and a half it has been out are enough to warrant the sequels. It will be one of the highest-grossing films and be on the top of the chart with Titanic and Star Wars: The Force Awakens, which have made over $2 billion.

“I loved the movie because of Jake Sully. I also loved the nature aspects like the water and the animals.” Cella Hanssen, a senior at North Scott.

Filming of Avatar 2 Underwater

Avatar had phenomenal graphics; the details included in every scene made all the money spent on animation rewarding. The different animals added to the second movie showed how unique and remarkable the creators were. I loved the details on the Avatar’s skin when they were in the dark; the white spots on their blue skin would light up and make them look beautiful. Not only did the characters look amazing, but the filming to produce humans into real-looking aliens took a lot of skill. Additionally, Avatar 2 was mainly set in the water, where actors would film entirely underwater. One of the actors, Kate Winslet, held her breath for seven minutes. The actors put everything into this movie, adding to the adept animation.

“I loved the animation. It made me feel part of the Avatar’s world in 3D.” Bella Boeken, a senior at North Scott.


With the success Avatar 2 is currently having, this gives the Avatar fans what they want: more sequels. This movie has changed the film industry because of its high-quality 60% CGI Image (the new revolutionary character animation: referring to images and effects created with computer software). Avatar 2 can be one of the highest-grossing films in history with the money the movie has gained in one month. Additionally, the first Avatar has been at the number one spot since 2009; Avatar 2 will hopefully catch up, and both movies will be at the top of the movie earnings chart.

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