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"Freedom Convoy," a group of truck drivers formed a blockade in Canada to protest against vaccine mandates. Supplies have been delivered to the "Freedom Convoy" by supporting Canadian groups. What does this entail? Delivery productions have been slowed down due to the blockade. Traffic noises and disturbances caused by truck drivers and protesting groups have been occurring. The Canadian public is heavily suggested to avoid traveling. Canada has put up a state emergency

Read more about this blockade at Fox News, CNN, and BBC News.

Turkey is putting in an official name change. They wish to change their state name to Türkiye to help modernize Turkey, out with the old, in with the new!

Read more about the name change here.

Russia has troops near the Ukraine border; possible war between Russia and Ukraine is approaching. NATO, Europe, and the US are taking action.

Read more about Ukraine and Russia at CNN, Fox News, and BBC News

National News

An 80 year old woman living in Illinois was saved from a hostage situation due to not sending her daily Wordle score. Mrs. Holt always sent her two daughters her Wordle score but one particular day she didn’t send her Wordle update. Her two daughters were worried enough to contact their mother’s neighbor, who called the police. The police found a calm 80 year old woman tied up in her basement being threatened by a naked man. He was placed under custody through several different charges.

Read about her shocking and courageous story here.

An Oklahoma woman was arrested and jailed for 16 months over her boyfriend killing her son. In Oklahoma, parents can be charged with failing to protect their child under any circumstance; even if they failed to know abuse was taking place in the household. Rebecca Hogue had a two year old who was beaten to death by her boyfriend while she was at work. She came home, woke up to her dead son, and tried to resuscitate as police were on their way. While Hogue didn’t have any knowledge of the abuse her son was enduring, she was still charged with failure to protect.

Read more about Rebecca Hogue’s story here and here.

Paislee Shultis, a girl who went missing back in 2019, was found alive in a secret room underneath stairs. She was abducted by her biological parents, who had lost custody of both Paislee and her older sister due to child endangerment and neglect. Paislee is alive, healthy, and back home with her sister and their legal guardian.

Read more about Paislee Shultis’ disappearance and recovery here.

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Feb 17, 2022

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