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Yay For Science Fair!

Hey Lance Readers! The Science Fair students have succeeded in their endeavors, so I figured that was worth writing about! Students from our high school created and presented a research project judged on their creative ability, the presentation itself, and their ability to work as a team in group projects! Ten students' projects were selected as Iowa FFA State Champions and earned the chance to compete at the National FFA Agriscience Fair.

Even more impressive, for the first time in North Scott’s history, two students, Jordan Jones and Kaitlyn Knepper, have qualified for the international science fair! This is no small accomplishment as the duo ended up being half of the entire high school freshmen to be selected.

To get a bigger picture of what this actually entailed, I interviewed Kaitlyn! In a chill moment during a theatre rehearsal, we sat down and she gave me the lowdown. Originally she wasn't sure about getting involved, but she eventually decided to do it with Jordan! After some further questioning about workload and other such things (I did history day so I know all about that kind of stuff) she said that they had been working on it since November so it has been a work in progress for several months now. After a slight break in my questioning in which I had to go on stage, we got back to it. She said,

"We decided to do our project on analyzing stress in Veterinarians because Iowa has the highest suicide rate in that particular field."-- Kaitlyn Knepper

They came to the conclusion that the most stressed Vets worked in the emergency clinic environment, had very long shifts, or were taking on too many responsibilities at work. With this research, they found lots of success-winning several awards. It takes a lot of time and effort to do these sort of projects, and they put a lot time into it. If you see them in the hallway be sure to tell them congratulations!

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