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Your To-Do List for April

Feel free to send us pictures of you completing this list!

Take A Walk in Vanderveer

Vanderveer is at its best in the spring. There are flowering trees everywhere, or there will be soon, and they plant thousands of bulbs. The ducks are swimming and the squirrels are climbing, and growing bolder everyday. Squirrels have taken over the park. So I highly recommend a walk through Vanderveer in April, preferably with a drink from Main Street Coffee in hand. Their energy drinks are actually to die for, and they always have seasonal drinks.

Keep An Eye Out for Wild Asparagus

Did you know that April is actually the prime season for asparagus? And who doesn’t love asparagus? So I encourage you to be on the lookout for wild asparagus to grill. It’s perfectly safe, and there shouldn’t be any confusion, as asparagus is very recognizable. It likes a lot of sun, and often grows along fences or in ditches. It also likes to be near water.

Take a Hike and Lookout for Wildflowers

This might be slightly contentious, because lots of trails can be kinda muddy right now, but it’s such a pretty time of year to go hiking. The wildflowers are starting to pop up in the woods and it would be a shame not to see them. There are violets all over, and bloodroot too if you look for it. It looks like miniature white tulips. You should also be able to find sweet william (google it). I recommend Sunderbruch for a wildflower hike, taking the smaller trails for the best experience. Scott County Park would also work, but do not go to the Maquoketa Caves. You will get so muddy. And probably slip and fall.

Try Whitey’s Spring Flavors

I don’t know when they arrived, but I went to Whitey’s the other day and their spring flavors were in! So you should go try a new flavor, maybe even get a flavor flight (4 mini scoops) to optimize your ice cream experience. I recommend the lemon custard, which is criminally underrated. For the best spring experience, I suggest that you tip and get a cake cone. Maybe bring someone ice cream.

Hit The Thrift Shops

Right now is the perfect time to thrift sweaters. Everyone is donating the winter clothes they didn’t wear this season and they are flooding the thrift stores. And I promise you, there is nothing better than a good vintage sweater. If a sweater is what you’re looking for, I recommend Salvation Army, they always have a great selection. Conversely, if you want to start shopping for Spring and Summer, thrift stores have started putting out their warm weather inventory, so if you go now you can get the jump on it. Before you head for Davenport, get a drink from Sips to give you some thrifting energy! (love you Sips!!!!)

Donate to “United Help Ukraine”

What is more spring appropriate than helping others? United Help Ukraine is a non-profit charitable organization that focuses on medical supplies, humanitarian aid, and raising awareness. I know this is sort of a guilt trip, and I’m sorry, but if you donated one dollar it would help, and you could check this off your April to-do list!

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