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A Junior's Guide to Surviving the Extra Week

It’s so exciting that all the seniors are leaving this week, but there are students who are stuck another week. Here’s a guide to survive the extra week the seniors don't have to deal with.

Get Caught Up

This one feels obvious, but being caught up in all my senior friends’ excitement has left some of my own work ignored. Edgenuity is my worst enemy. I have one of the easiest classes, yet I’ve never been up to date on my assignments. Seriously, it’s medical terminology—it’s just vocabulary.

Actively Participate

Ew, I know. But, just because the seniors are done with their classes doesn’t mean you are. In most of my classes, I’ll soon be one of few students left. But, that’s not stopping my teachers from giving us an extra week of work. Don't let this one week tank your grade.

Don't Skip

It’s so tempting. I’ve been struggling with this too. Just because you can make up the work easily doesn’t mean you should. Skipping class is a slippery slope. They almost kicked me out of one of my classes because I skipped three days in a row. Seriously, just go. Once you’re in there, it won’t be as bad as you think.

Study for Finals

Don't forget about those bad boys! You can’t dump all the information out of your mind just yet. Good news is that you still have time to study. It’s difficult, but I know you can remember what you were learning in January.


Not every class is cramming the last of the curriculum down your throat! Take the time in those classes to decompress. You’re gonna need it!

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