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A Look into North Scott's Eraser Black Market

It’s no secret that erasers are targeted by Administration, but what you may not know is that teachers have been using underground channels to keep up with the restrictions. There has been a cycle of erasers disappearing and then returning, and this is the work of the Black Market.

In an effort to take back control, teachers have coordinated with eraser dealers, some rumored to be students and possibly administration. An average of six erasers are stolen from their homes each day, with many still unfound. Teacher’s are distressed, and many are finding new ways to get their erasers back.

“My beloved eraser has been missing for 16 days” An anonymous teacher states, “All I want is for him to be returned safely to me, even if it means breaking Eraser Law.”

In order to evade suspicion, the transportation of re-stolen erasers is quite unconventional. Erasers are packed in and snuck through the school’s doors in things like tissue boxes, lunch boxes, backpacks, and even Chromebook cases. But why is this happening?

To truly understand the problem, we need to follow the steps of what these erasers go through. When an eraser steps foot in unauthorized property (classroom door frames), sweeps are conducted by administration and these innocent dry erase board dwellers are kidnapped with a blitz attack and taken to an unknown location. Private investigation has followed these bandits to somewhere in the Student Services Office, but further investigation has proven to be futile. Those who are able to be smuggled back out live to share the story. Several erasers have described the journey from the second location back home into the arms of their teachers.

The most popular choice of smuggler are students, as it is quite easy to blend in among the hundreds of others. Simply put, the culprit would be a student you would never expect. I’ve spoken to an anonymous dealer, who explained their view on the issue: “Sure, they’re not my erasers, but I see these teachers everyday, so of course I’m sympathetic to the cause. At one point I realized my frequent trips to the nurse work as a perfect cover, and I began smuggling.”

The student continues, explaining how the morality of the situation is gray, and that “the Black Market makes the world go 'round.” Despite its legal standing, this student states that “I have no problem breaking the rules for the teachers I care about most for something as trivial as erasers.”

In order to properly carry out the transfer, the student will need to make it to one of the multiple storage bays where erasers are kept before their final holding space. It takes up to a week for an eraser to completely fall off the grid, so speed is crucial. After safely removing the hostages, the student begins the second half of the task: smuggling the erasers back home.

Conditions for erasers are poor when being transported, but it is a necessary sacrifice in order to reunite families and ease the worry of teachers. During the travel, there is quite a few blockades that extend the time. It can take hours or even days until the storage arrives and can be returned home.

In order to solve this ongoing crisis, someone needs to raise a white flag and begin negotiations. It's up to the adults to solve this problem. Will erasers be able to live freely and without fear ever again?

NOTE: Another April Fools joke article from The Lance!

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Apr 26, 2023

new grind dropped 🔥🔥🔥🔥


Apr 02, 2023

I am tempted to actually start this up lmao

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