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Advice from a Senior

Throughout my four years in high school, I have learned how to find the velocity and acceleration of an object, how to use sin, cos, and tan on a calculator, and how to write a five-page research paper. However, I have also learned what true friendship looks like, the meaning of kindness and compassion, and who I strive to be in the future. I have been through many ups and downs throughout my high school career, so I wanted to share some advice that I wish someone had told me sooner.

Don’t take the moments in high school for granted because it’ll only just be a memory soon. 

Get out of Your Comfort Zone

Stepping out of your comfort zone may seem daunting, but it's the key to personal growth and discovery. Consider joining a club or a sport, striking up conversations with new

people, or attending social events. These experiences might initially seem intimidating, but they could lead to unexpected friendships and newfound passions.

Work Hard

As an underclassman, it's easy to dismiss schoolwork as trivial or irrelevant. However, as a senior, I've come to realize its importance. Your high school GPA carries weight beyond the classroom, influencing your future job and college applications. While some may believe that a high GPA is unnecessary for university acceptance, I can attest from personal experience that this is not the case. The hard work you put in now will pay off in the future, opening doors to opportunities you may not have even considered. 

What has helped me achieve my desired grades is having a calendar with everything I

have to do for the month or the next two weeks. This could include upcoming tests, assignment due dates, work schedules, sports, and school events. I also write down a to-do list with everything that has to be done for the day. This could include finishing assignments and homework, cleaning your room, or studying. I also like to include times on my to-do list so I don’t procrastinate and have everything sorted into separate time slots. This helps me stay organized and see what needs to be done, preventing me from losing track of due dates, responsibilities, and important events. Remember, these strategies are not meant to add stress but to make your life more manageable and less overwhelming.

Choosing Classes

 Planning your schedules for the next school year can feel overwhelming and confusing. Knowing what classes to choose and which might be fun can be difficult. Choose classes that sound fun and interesting to you, not just what classes your friends pick or that sound easy. High School is your chance to find your passion and learn what you want to do after high school. There are classes for every interest. I recommend trying something you don’t know if you’ll necessarily like, but it sounds intriguing. You never know what you’ll find to love. 

College is incredibly expensive, especially a university, so why not complete a year or more before you graduate high school? North Scott High School offers many college courses that allow upperclassmen to complete college credits for FREE. Take advantage of the opportunity because when you’re a senior and see the expenses for only one year of college, you’ll be glad you took advantage of the free college credits. 

Enjoy it While it Lasts

High School seems to go by so slowly while you're in it, but now that I’m only two weeks away from graduating, it feels like time went by in the blink of an eye. I started this year thinking of how much I want to get out of here and graduate, but I’ve learned that high school is more than just overwhelming amounts of homework and late-night studying. High

School is about that one class that you and your friends always get in trouble in because you can’t stop talking. High School is about getting ready with your friends for a football game, homecoming, or prom. High school is about the laughs shared after leaving class to meet your friends in the hall. School can feel so unbearable a lot of the time, but when the time comes that you’re walking across the stage at graduating, you’re going to miss it. Don’t take the moments in high school for granted because it’ll only just be a memory soon. 

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