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All About Thrifting

Organized thrift stores have been around since the 19th century in both Europe and the United States, but what even is it? In recent years, thrifting has become very popular, especially in young teens finding their unique styles. 

What is it?

Thrifting is shopping and buying used goods from a store or place specializing in second-hand items. This could be clothes, nick-nacks, books, and even more. Because the items are second-hand, prices are significantly cheaper than they would be originally. What is great about this is finding new items for half the price or even older unique items for less.

How did it get so popular?

For many, it seems like the popularity of thrifting came out of nowhere. A surge of individuality and sustainability stemming from Gen Z has ultimately increased the popularity of thrifting. What was once seen as cheap, is now seen as cool or vintage. Another thing to take note of is the environmental motives behind it. As the problems of the fashion industry became more apparent, many changed their shopping habits. 

Environmental Impacts

With fast fashion, Americans throw away multiple tons of clothing each year. Thrifting promotes sustainability by stopping the reuse of landfills. A lot of clothing is created out of synthetic materials, which take hundreds of years to decompose fully. Donating used clothes or even purchasing second-hand clothing, actively helps the environment. 

A survey was conducted at North Scott High School to see how much the local students understand what thrifting is. When asked if they had ever been thrifting, 89.4% said they had thrifted at least once. 

When asked if they believed thrifting was better for the environment 90.2% said that it was. A similar percentage to those who originally said they had been thrifting before. The overall opinion of thrifting from North Scott students seems to be positive. 

What to expect

In the same survey, students were asked about some of the things they had gotten while going thrifting. It varied from Jeans, Lululemon leggings, and even a prom dress. One student describes how they got a pair of jeans for six dollars that would usually go for around 60 dollars. The opportunities are endless. 

Where should I go?

If you are just starting a great store would be a local Goodwill, it is relatively easy to navigate and most times you will find something you are looking for. After that, some good spots would include The Salvation Army, DAV Thrift, and more. If you are looking for modernized clothing, Plato’s Closet might be your friend.  

Overall, thrifting is a wonderful way to gather your wardrobe more sustainably. Whether you do it for fun with your friends, or you are actively trying to help the environment. It is a great way for this generation to find their individuality the right way. 

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