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An Animated Batman Beyond Movie: Could it Happen?

It’s been over 20 years since the beloved TV series Batman Beyond stopped airing, with many waiting for a return of the series for years. Fans' wishes were fulfilled when the news came out that the series could be getting an animated film. 

Yuhki Demers, visual development artist for the award-winning Spider-Verse franchise met with Warner Bros. Along with Patrick Harpin, co-creator of the film My Dad The Bounty Hunter. 

“Before we pitched they warned us "There is absolutely no way we can do a 𝘉𝘦𝘺𝘰𝘯𝘥 movie" but they loved our enthusiasm. We pitched the outline for the entire film and what started as a 'never' turned into a 'maybe.” --Yuhki Demers

The team says they have been pitching their way up the company, in hopes of getting to James Gunn, CEO of DC Studios. Demers follows up in the tweet, revealing never-before-seen concept art of the film's appearance. 

Many find it hard to predict the outcome of whether this film could be released, with some saying too much time has passed but others understanding how big of a fan Gunn is of animated films. Along with the fact Batman titles have typically sold well for WBD. 

This fan-favorite show has remained relevant decades after its original release, popular for its adult themes and different take on the bat universe. If this film does get the green light, it wouldn’t be the first time a fandom influenced the making of a film. Nothing is confirmed yet so we will have to sit and wait for now.

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1 Comment

I feel like a major thing with Gunn is we still have yet to see how he will do with Superman much less any other big name heroes.

As great as Suicide Squad and Peacemaker was those are very uniquely James Gunn feeling concepts. A group of loser characters who end up actually getting something done despite their personal issues.

Superman and others don't really have that same feel. however, I'm still hopeful and excited about this interpretation.

That being said, I feel like Superman's reception would be the linchpin for if anything like this would get greenlit.

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