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Apple Vision Pro: Redefining Reality with New Immersive Technology

In the 21st century, the advancement of technology has been both rapid and life-changing. Some are eager for each advancement while others fear for what technology could become. In recent news, Apple has released its most significant product in the past decade. The Apple Vision Pro offers wearers virtual and augmented reality displays in the physical world. 

It was released to the public on February 2nd of this year and has taken the internet by storm. It is a virtual reality headset that brings reality displays simultaneously into the physical world. You can navigate through the media using your eyes, hands, and voice. The Vision Pro features two OLED displays that pack a total of 23 million pixels, which exceeds a 4K TV for each eye. It also includes six microphones and the iconic voice assistant, Siri

“Second most impressive technology since the iPhone.” – Sam Altman, creator of Chat GPT 

But how could you use this in real life? Popular YouTuber Casey Neistat does an in-depth review of the product in the real world. He goes around New York testing how the product would do in day-to-day life. Starting with taking the train, walking the streets of New York, or even getting doughnuts at Krispy Kreme. He then sits down and talks about his experience using the product, explaining how after hours of use, he had forgotten he was looking through a screen. 

Despite the attention, there are many disappointed with the Apple Vision Pro. In the past week many have begun returning their Vision Pros, but why? The product does have a high price point of $3,500, so many have very high expectations. The most common complaint was that the headset gave them headaches, along with the fact it triggered motion sickness. 

Although the product is fairly new, some are already theorizing the possible effects the Vision Pro could have on our future. Jan Egger and Jens Kleesiek, medical researchers at Essen University Hospital in Germany, are looking at the possibilities the headset could have on healthcare. They theorize that the Vision Pro’s advanced eye-tracking could be capable of picking up conditions such as early signs of dementia. The pair plan to study this soon. 

There are constant advancements in technology, some being more significant than others. But then there are revolutionary items that only come out once a decade. I truly believe that The Apple Vision Pro is one of those items. Although there are mixed reviews, it is undeniable that it changes the future as we know it. 

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