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Apply: Young Emerging Writers Summer Internship Program

Applications to The Young Emerging Writers Summer Internship Program (YEW) are due by Monday, May 13.

Many students from North Scott have participated in this program, and some have gone on to publish and compete nationally in poetry slams.

If you have time this summer, this is a great, mentored program that actually pays you money--these are rare. YEW writes, "While many summer internships are unpaid, MWC strives to ensure that the students receive the most comprehensive and realistic job experience possible. To that end, students receive compensation in the form of a one-year membership to the MWC, three copies of The Atlas, and a stipend of no less than $200. YEW interns are also given a full scholarship to attend the three-day David R. Collins Writers’ Conference at Augustana College (June 27-29) free of charge—a $400 value. At the close of the program, the students will host a launch party for The Atlas on August 15 at Rozz-Tox in Rock Island—the event will be free and open, and we invite you to attend." There are also opportunities for students who are interested in graphic design as well.

The YEW Program is a competitive, paid internship now entering its nineteenth year, and has employed over 200 talented individual interns in that time. The program serves to educate students ages 15-19 in such areas as professional communication, magazine design/production, effective creative written expression, and publication. YEW provides 50 hours of writing instruction in a variety of writing forms over the course of seven weeks. By the end of the program, the students will have applied and interviewed for a job, written and edited creative writing projects (individually and collaboratively) in a small group environment, and produced a perfect-bound literary magazine, The Atlas, to which they contribute their most fully-realized creative work.

To apply submit two samples of your best writing and/or page design. You may include a poem, story, short essay, play or novel excerpt, part of a script or sketch, feature article for a newspaper, newspaper/yearbook page you designed, or any other work you feel best demonstrates your writing and/or design ability. Remember to get your applications to The Young Emerging Writers Summer Internship Program (YEW) in by Monday, May 13.

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