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#BoycottStarbucks: What's Going on?

Updated: Apr 2

You may have noticed while scrolling through social media posts that the #boycottstarbucks is now trending everywhere you look. Keep reading to find out why the most famous American coffee shop has turned into a controversy world wide. 

#boycottstarbucks has been used in about 5,000 posts generating over 42 million views in the past 30 days. -- Lucas Frau

The controversy with Starbucks stems from a series of issues. Starting with their late social media post posted by Starbucks Workers United, stating that they supported Palestine a couple of weeks after the Hamas attack against Israel, which killed about 1,200 people and left 240 people as hostages. After this post, many were very upset and even the Starbucks company itself is suing Starbucks Workers United for alleged trademark infringement. 

Starbucks put up a wall between them and Starbucks Workers United, stating, “We unequivocally condemn these acts of terrorism, hate, and violence, and disagree with the statements and views expressed by Workers United and its members.” Starbucks also stated that customers were angry and hurt by the Starbucks Workers United post and were sending employees who work for Starbucks and company service staff violent, graphic, and horrible messages through social media. 

Although it has not been proven that this is due to the boycott, Starbucks's overall market value has dropped by almost $11 billion in the last couple of months, a 9.4% decline.

Starbucks has tried many different ways to make its way back up to where it was, like offering reward members 50% off a drink on Thursday afternoons. Starbucks hopes that this will all pass and soon will make its way back up to the top. 

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