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Buffalo wild wings sucks! Try wingstop instead

Our options for divine wings are lacking in the Quad Cities. We have the renowned Buffalo Wild Wings, an easily hated, overpriced restaurant that excels at scamming its customers with mediocre wings. We also have Hall of Fame, a local option that's not too expensive but not too good either. However, deep in the depths of the Quad Cities, through the pothole ridden streets of Moline, a wing enthusiast's haven awaits: Wingstop.

Walking up to the small location, you really wouldn’t expect the best wings ever. The building itself, sandwiched between Chipotle and an AT&T store, was difficult to locate the first time my friends and I ever went. The inside isn’t the prettiest either. In the winter, salt and melted snow pool up on the floor in front of the counter. Tables are often left uncleaned for long periods of time. This isn’t the first thing you would want to see when walking into a restaurant, but you should never judge a book by its cover.

Unfortunately, the negatives aren’t over yet. The customer service at this place needs to be acknowledged. It sucks. 75% of the employees don’t speak fluent English. It's a 50/50 chance for them to understand my name correctly when I give it to them—so good luck if you have a name with more than one syllable. The employees also tend to lie about the wait time, claiming it’ll take 40, 50, even 60 minutes to get your food out. Ignore them. They’re lying to you because they want a break.

The food WILL be out in under 15 minutes, no matter what they say. 

Don’t be discouraged by all of this. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel: the glorious

wings you’re about to receive (and the fries, I guess). Each of Wingstop’s sauces and dry rubs have been made to perfection. However, DO NOT get the atomic sauce. It tastes like battery acid and should absolutely never be touched unless you’re dared to do so. Aside from that outlier, there are 11 other amazing flavors to pick from. I wish I could tell you my personal favorites, but that’s simply not possible. I’ve


never gotten the same flavor back to back and always try something else each time I go. Most people who have been to Wingstop rave about the ranch and how amazing it is, even being bold enough to say their wings are nothing without the ranch. These people are stupid. I’ve tried both their fries AND wings with their famed ranch and found it to be mediocre at BEST. The ranch is nothing more than a contaminant that ruins the existing flavor of anything it touches. 

I would recommend this restaurant to anyone. You could hate wings for all I care. Ever since I first ate here in 2022, I’ve held a grudge against other wing shops for absolutely scamming me with their disgusting, genetically altered, mass produced warehouse chicken (this may or may not be true). It’s time to take a break from these other restaurants and treat yourself to a real delicacy: Wingstop. 

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