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Drake Relays 2024

Drake Relays is a very big deal in Iowa. Drake Relays is a big track meet involving everyone in Iowa, and it is the best of the best for high school Track and Field athletes. They only take a certain number of people to compete at Drake Stadium for Drake Relays. Each event is a little different depending on how many people they take, but the majority of the individual events take 32 people to compete in all of Iowa. The amount of people they take varies per event. These consist of the best high school track athletes in Iowa. Qualifying for Drake Relays is very exciting because everyone knows you are one of the top high school athletes in the state. 

Drake Relays is also a very thrilling experience. At Drake Relays you are able to watch college runners as well as high school, and sometimes even people headed for the Olympics. The whole experience at Drake Relays is something that is very hard to describe to someone if they have never went. It is a huge event, and there is always a lot going on while your there. It is also very stressful even if you are just watching, and of course if you are running at Drake Relays. You also, feel the pain if someone gets disqualified or falls since majority of people who run track and field fall at one point in their career. 

There were 10 boys, and 7 girls that went to Drake Relays from North Scott.

Both teams competed at Drake Relays some doing better than others. It is all a great experience even if you don’t do as good as you would like. Everyone went out and tried their hardest, and put a lot of effort into each of their events. Everyone was in the right mindset, and ready to compete even if all odds are stacked against them. The whole experience is amazing, and I would highly recommend watching Drake Relays if you ever get the chance.

Girls' Results

High Jump:

Natalie Nwatchock - No Height

Sydney Skarich - 5'3" Tied for 11th place

Long Jump:

Sydney Skarich - 16'3.32" - 11th place

100 Hurdles:

Sydney Skarich - 15.60 - 5th place

4x100 Relay:

Chloe Morrison, Micayla Ramirez, Georgia Brunkan, Harmony Hansel

50.89 - 40th place

Boys' Results

Discus/Shot Put:

Zach McMillian, 15th place in the discus; Scratched in Shot Put

100 Dash:

Colton Voss, 17th place

110 High Hurdles:

Lowen Krueger, 18th in the 110 High Hurdles


Chase Smith, Cole Johnson, Colton Voss, Cash Bowe, 10th place


Chase Smith, Cole Johnson, Colton Voss, Lowen Krueger, 10th place

Shuttle Hurdle Relay:

Ryan Block, Nolan Reese, Evan Kruse, Lowen Krueger, placed 3rd, but were disqualified for a minor infraction

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