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Forgotten Memories throughout elementary school :)

The older we get, the more we forget about what life was like when we were kids. The games we would play in elementary school gym class and the hours we would spend running around at recess turned into hours sitting on our phones. Playdates became chilling at a friends house and having our parents cart us around turned into driving ourselves. Looking back, the things we did as a kid have become a distant memory. Today though, I am going to take us back to the past to remember some of the activities we did all throughout elementary school. 

Starting off strong, we have the games we all played in elementary school. A big one at Ed white was known as Infected. The fear of getting tagged and becoming the next tagger was exhilarating and nerve-wracking all at the same time. I can even remember the “it” person sticking their fingering in the holes in the playground to try and tag peoples shoes. Infected, I know for a fact, was a big hit in my elementary school days. Almost everyone at recess would participate. It was hard to differentiate between who was infected and who was not. When the end of recess bell rang it was like the game still did not end. As kids would race to the lines they were still playing and still infecting each other. Yet as soon as you passed through the threshold of the school, the game would pause.

Not many of us realized that our last day of recess would also mean the last time we would ever play infected. 

Next on the list of childhood forgotten memories would have to be going trick or treating. The times when we would get to bring our costumes to school and do the Halloween parade were some of the best days. As well as the Halloween party that would follow soon after. Seeing all your friends in their different costumes was a fun experience that we will never experience again. Another thing being the act of actually getting to go trick or treating. Dressing up in costumes and going door to door is something that many of us did before we could even walk. This was something we would do for years and years to come. Yet many of us probably do not remember when we stopped going. People would stop passing out candy to you because you were too old, and the act of trick or treating in the cold was not fun anymore. Not many of us realized that as we get older, the things we used to enjoy as a child because less fun and that our last Halloween is one we don’t even remember the date of. 

Many things from our childhood deserve recognition, but if I were to mention everything, we would be here forever. With that being said, the final forgotten childhood memory would have to be anything regarding gym class. In elementary, gym class was elite. We would play so many games that varied in difficulty and overall enjoyment. Some of those games being icebreaker, gladiator, kickball, and even the game with the rainbow parachute. An honorable mention would have to be the scooters that always pinched our fingers but were so fun to ride. The excitement that would radiate through me on gym class day was astronomical. As soon as you could see what game was set up, it was like a whole new level of excitement would overtake you. There was the fear of not knowing what team you were going to be a part of, on top of the excitement to be in gym class. A lot of us did not know that on the last day of 6th grade, we would never get to play these games ever again. Once we stopped playing them, the memory began to slip our minds and be just a forgotten moment in our childhood. 

To most of us, elementary school was a while ago. The games we would play and the parties we would have, feel like a lifetime ago. Yet, to most of us, these memories are a core foundation of who we are today. A lot of our elementary memories tend to melt into each other and slip to the back of our minds. Nevertheless, when you really sit down and think about our time spent in school, this is where some of our best memories were made. We may not have imaginary friends anymore or play fun games in gym class, but somewhere in the back of our minds, we have the memories.

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