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Get To Know Ms. Dewey!

Written By: Lataria Holmes

This is part of a spotlight on Freshmen article writing in Sarah Grimesey's class

One of the classes Ms. Dewey teaches!

Students and faculty know Ms.Dewey as a Spanish and Health teacher but there is so much more to her. She comes to North Scott High School every day to teach students with a smile on her face even better, she comes and makes learning Spanish and Health fun. I chose to do an interview with Ms. Dewey because of how happy she always seems and how fun she is. When in her Spanish class, I was able to learn a lot because of how interesting she made it and how enjoyable it was when she would teach us by acting things out and playing games. Also in her class, she was understanding when someone was unable to participate because of a legitimate reason. I like her class a lot and it was really cool having her class from the first day of school till the end of the semester.

10 Facts about Ms. Dewey are …

  1. Ms. Dewey's favorite thing about North Scott is the students. She loves coming to the school to teach the students, they give her a reason to come to school every day. When asked this question she also says “They are funny, kind, and given me a lot of joy”.

  2. Outside of school, Ms. Dewey plays with her dogs, workout, and spends time with her family. The things she likes to do with her family are hang out, watch sports, go bowling, play golf, and wiffleball in the yard.

  3. Her birthday is April 15 so make sure to stop by to wish her a happy early birthday on Friday, April 14.

  4. She looks up to Jesus.

  5. Her favorite music genre is 80s Rock.

  6. She was born in Leadville Colorado at 10,000 feet altitude. When asked about the difference between Colorado and Iowa say said, “It is not crowded and people slow down and take the time to talk to each other. There is a true sense of community”.

  7. She has visited places like New Zealand and Mexico.

  8. She has done a half marathon straight up pikes peak. When asked if she would do another she said “Not anytime soon, but I can’t say never”.

  9. She has been to lots of concerts. The genre of the concerts she went to were Rock, Christian, 80s & 90s New Wave/Alternative, Grunge, Indie, Old School rap and Christian Rap. Some people that were performing were Red Hot Chili Peppers, Ice Cube, NWA, Sugar Cubes, Public Image Limited, Toby Mac and more.

  10. She loves elephants a lot. When asked why did she love them she said, “They always look like they are smiling, they are fiercely protective of their young and they never forget.”

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1 Comment

Sarah Grimesey
Sarah Grimesey
May 03, 2023

Good job, Lataria!

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