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How to Make the North Scott YMCA Better

Have you ever been to the North Scott YMCA? What do you think of it? I think It could’ve been designed a whole lot better. Some people may love it, but I know a lot of people who are not huge fans. The only reason some people use it and go there is because it is close, so you don't have to use a ton of gas or a long drive—one of the few positives this YMCA has. 

First, the North Scott YMCA is too small. Eldridge has grown a lot, and the small YMCA here is nowhere near big enough. The few positives North Scott Y has is the pool, and a cheap daycare. That is pretty much as good as it gets for this Y. Everything else either has problems with it, or is too small. Other than those few positives this YMCA was way too expensive to build for such a small, and also not very good Y. The North Scott YMCA took around 12 million dollars to build with another 7 million dollars for all of the equipment. 19 million dollars for a YMCA that is nothing special is not worth it at all. 

The North Scott YMCA has many problems such as the interior design, sauna, gym, and the size of the Y. First, the interior design of the gym is horrible. There are no mirrors in front of the squat racks, so it can’t help you see depth. There are windows into the pool to see people swim, but nobody wants to see that. There are mirrors in front of the preacher curl machine though, which is pointless compared to having a mirror in front of the squat racks. The gym also needs to be expanded, and does not have nearly enough equipment for the people of Eldridge. Secondly, the sauna is not nearly hot enough. Majority of the time it feels lukewarm compared to a hot sauna which is what it should feel like. Finally, one basketball court is not big enough for everyone that goes to play basketball. The likelihood of getting hit with a basketball in the head is very high due to the little amount of space there. 

There are some things that the North Scott YMCA can fix with spending little money, but some things need to be expanded in general which would cost more.

The gym and basketball court need to be expanded and made bigger which would cost more money but also be a lot more effective for Eldridge. 

Adding more equipment to the gym would also cost money but make the YMCA better. Making the sauna actually hot would not cost any extra money since the YMCA has control of that, and this would make it feel how an actual sauna should feel. One last cheaper thing to make the Y better is moving everything around in the gym. There needs to be mirrors in front of the squat racks. This all comes down to interior designing, and could have been done a lot better. Also, expanding the North Scott YMCA would attract more people because it would be a better YMCA than others. This would make Eldridge develop even more since the North Scott YMCA is not drawing anyone into the small town, because it is truly nothing “special.”

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