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Keanu Reeves Cast as Shadow the Hedgehog?

The Sonic the Hedgehog film released February 14th 2020 in the U.S. After the first trailer was released with the "ugly sonic" design, which was mocked all over the internet, when the film released with a new design, it was to an overall positive critical reception.

Due to the success of the first film, a second one was shortly announced. While news was sparse for a while, eventually Idris Elba would post an image with the caption "knock knock" teasing and announcing he would be playing Knuckles the Echidna in the second film.

From Elba's Twitter and the image used to tease his role

Once the first trailer for the movie came out showing off Elba's performance and Knuckles as a character as a whole, people were ecstatic about the movie to come. Once it was released it once again came to a major box office success and very positive audience review.

Even before the film was released they announced that 2 other sonic film projects are in the future. One was a solo series with Knuckles, but the second and more important was a 3rd Sonic the Hedgehog film.

At the end of the second movie the post credits teased probably one of the most popular characters in the sonic series, Shadow the Hedgehog.

With all this, quickly there was speculation on who would be playing the dark hedgehog in the third film.

Speculation and Reveal

With this and the overall lack of news, many predictions and theories on who would play Shadow started to arise. Many looking for actors who can play a dramatic, serious, and brooding characters and can convincingly play the role.

Hayden Christensen, Robert Pattinson, Jason Griffith

Some of the main choices were Hayden Christensen due to his role as Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels and Robert Pattinson from his role as Batman in the 2022 film "The Batman."

Jason Griffith, who was the previous voice actor for Shadow from 2003-2010, was considered due to Tails the Fox's voice actor Colleen O'Shaughnessey being cast for the movies.

However once CinemaCon 2024 rolled around and attendees got to see a short teaser for the film, Shadow was notably missing a voice or any spoken lines.

However John Campea, who was one of the attendees, got insider knowledge on who was cast as Shadow, Which he later revealed on his podcast. This actor being Keanu Reeves.

Reaction and Doubt

With this announcement many were ecstatic about the casting; however, many fans are very confused at the roundabout way this was revealed to the public.

While this is not a leak per say, it was not posted by Sega, Paramount, or any of the official Sonic the Hedgehog channels. While confirmed by many notable news sources both in the film sphere and overall, people are doubtful if this constitutes enough as being the official announcement and are curious to see if it's even true.

Everything seems in line, and technically speaking there is no real evidence on the contrary . . . it's kind of baffling to me that for something with so much hype to it, such a big name, and for a film that projected to do so well, they would announce the casting in such a way,

Is it true? Why would they announce it so oddly?

Leave your thoughts below!

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