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Luke Andrews Gets 10 Years Behind Bars

Luke Andrews, the former North Scott student who carried a gun into Ms. Springs' junior high class, has finally been prosecuted as an adult and given a ten-year jail sentence after six long years.

Luke Andrews, now 18

The incident, which occurred on August 31, 2018, shocked North Scott students and their families. Andrews, who was 12 at the time, arrived late to class and pulled a handgun on Ms. Spring. After a brief verbal exchange, Spring was able to disarm Andrews and place the.22 caliber revolver in the teachers' lounge freezer until police arrived.

I hope he learns the true impact of his decisions. It’s changed the community forever. I’m satisfied with the sentencing; I just hope that it’s enough for him to actually feel some sort of remorse and change. -- Anna Hodge

Andrews has since been under the supervision of the juvenile court. Two weeks ago, he was tried as an adult for assault while using or exhibiting a weapon, carrying weapons on school grounds, and assault with intent to cause serious injury. He was convicted guilty of all charges and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Below is the official sentencing order:

Pursuant to jury’s verdict of in Count 1 to Assault While Using or Displaying a Weapon in violation of Sec. 708.2(3), Count 2 of Carrying Weapons on School Grounds in violation of Sec. 724.4(b) and Count 3 of the lesser-included offense of Assault with Intent to Commit Serious Injury, in violation of Sec. 708.2(1) of the Code of Iowa, and as provided by Secs. 902.3, 902.9 and 903.1 of said Code, it is the judgment and sentence of the Court that the Defendant be, and he is hereby, committed to the custody of the Director of the Iowa Department of Corrections for a period not to exceed 2 years on Count 1, 5 years on Count 2, and 2 years on Count 3, with credit on said sentence for time spent in any place of confinement pursuant to 907.3A, in connection with this case. Defendant is further sentenced to pay a fine of $625 on Counts 1 and 3 and $750 on Count 2 with all applicable surcharges.

Said sentences in Counts 1, 2 and 3 shall run concurrently to each other

but run consecutively to the sentence imposed in FECR431121.

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