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Michigan State Shooting

Police at the incident

A casual Monday Night at Michigan

State University took an unexpected turn. The sizable 5,200-acre campus went silent after the gunshots. A gunman opened fire on campus, killing three students and severely injuring five others. The gunman is named Anthony Dwayne McRae, a 43-year-old man with no known connection to the two universities he planned on targeting. McRae was found dead from a self-inflicted bullet wound later that day. When his body was found, a note in his pocket indicated his two more Ewing public schools.

The Note

When examining Mcraes dead body, a two paged note was found in his pocket. The note read to say, “Hi, my name is Anthony McRae,” and goes on to say, “I will be shooting up MSU,” law enforcement officials who have access to the note said” (CNN). The message goes on to say that Mcrae is the leader of a group with 20 killers in it, leading to the list of the targets they are planning on hitting. These targets included a church, a warehouse, fast food restaurants, an employment agency, etc. There is no proven reason why Mcrae wanted to shoot up these businesses; one theory is that he felt insulted somehow. Law enforcement has contacted all of the targeted enterprises claiming that there is no proof he is the leader of a 20-person killer group.

The three students who died

Students Who Were Killed

The three students that were killed in the mass shooting were Arielle Anderson (19), Alexandria Verner(20), and Brian Fraser (20). All students were loved by their friends and family, leaving many heart-drenching quotes. The kindness that each of these students showed toward their community significantly impacted how people handled the situation. Multiple ceremonies have been hosted, and many flowers have been donated to the middle of campus to honor the loved students who had their lives taken that Monday.

"No parent should have to bury their children. It truly hurts y'all." Arielle's parents wrote.

It was heartbreaking reading what the parents said to the CNN reporters; this one stuck with me because it is something that I wouldn’t think about. Not only did the quotes from the parents hit deeply, but the students in the class had to watch their classmates get shot and be traumatized for life; it is sickening what this shooting has brought these innocent people.

Be Aware

Flowers donated in honor of the students who were killed

The Michigan State shooting was a tragic event that impacted many lives. It’s important to be aware of your surroundings to prevent events like this. Encourage others to seek attention if they are in need. Lastly, report dangerous behavior even if it's a little thing, it could possibly save a life in the future.

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