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North Scott's Parking Issue

parking lot has no spots left
Full parking lot

We all suffer from the same problem—too little time and too few parking spots. With students parking in teachers’ spots, blocking the way in the science lot, and even parking on the curb, finding parking has been a mess. The school parking lots get filled immediately, and students now have to walk all the way from the administration building, bringing us a lot of anger and frustration.

Parking Lot History and Hysteria

When showing up to school and not finding a parking spot, we students go above and beyond to find a way to park our car. We do anything to get close to the school in the freezing weather. The crazy parkers whip their car in and don’t mind the lines they are supposed to fit between. The walk from the administration building to the school is brutal; I, first-hand experience, absolutely dread coming to school and having to walk in the frigid weather. Not to mention, freshmen students now get to park at the administration building. We seniors had to park at the tennis courts back in the day. Freshmen take up the admin parking, and seniors end up near the tennis courts; it sucks still parking where we once did as 15-year-olds. Although there is no solution to make everyone happy, there are some alternatives to help out seniors.

Truck parked silly
“As a senior that had to park at the tennis courts as a freshman, I believe the freshman should have the same requirement.” -- Bella Boeken, an annoyed student.

Goofy Parkers

Making freshmen park at the courts could fix multiple problems for upperclassmen, as the younger students must go through what we had to. It would help students be less late to school by not having to search all parking lots to find a spot and still end up near the tennis courts. Students who arrive late are stuck far away from the school, causing them to park in the “No parking zones.” Then we all know the drill; you get called down to the office and get your warning about the ten-dollar fee. There is one senior speaking the minds of the rest of us. Brooklyn Strief has some words to say . . .

Parked cars in the way of the science lot
I find it quite sad that our school would rather charge us $10 or kick us out of NS parking lots when our only goal is to make it to school on time.” -- Brooklyn Strief, admin parker.


I 100% agree with Brooklyn. Students must be to school on time; otherwise, there is a punishment. We will be late if we can’t find a parking spot and have to go through all of the lots to end up near the tennis courts. There is a punishment either way when we just want to get to our classes on time. Many people ask for NSHS to simply build more parking, but that is not an option at this time. The only solution left is sending freshmen back to the tennis courts where we once had to park.

Tell us what you think about where freshmen should park:

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