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Parking Lot Closed

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Attention North Scott Students: All parking lots, except the tennis courts, will be closed until the beginning of next school year due to expansion of our band and science lots. Students will be expected to park in any spot open available at the tennis courts. This includes sidewalks, the ramps at the skatepark, or the front doors of the school. Expansion of the lots will begin April 7th 2022 and should be expected to be finished by November 2nd 2022.

Staff says the expansion of the lots is caused by complaints by upperclassmen that parking is scarce lately. Students are upset that their spots are being taken because there isn’t enough parking closer to the school. A few have said that the expansion is long overdue and should’ve been done earlier in the year. Sierra Johnson, a senior at North Scott says, “Finding parking in the morning the last couple of months has been rough. Sometimes we have to park at Ed White or on the road miles away.” Staff had been sitting on the idea for a while but never continued with it due to housing and property issues next to the school. The lots will just be an expansion of the science and band parking lots and not any new additions. This has been a long time coming. Now, thanks to us coming together, we’re finally getting our parking back.

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