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Prom Preparation: Biggest Dress Trends of 2023

The tradition of prom has been around since the early 1800s when it was still called "promenade," and it was simply drinking some punch in the gym of a high school. Since then, prom has been taken to extreme heights. Dances held on boats, $700 dresses, group and date drama, dinners at fancy restaurants, and moms taking lots of pictures to post on Facebook. While preparation can be stressful, the end result definitely pays off - it was personally one of the highlights of my junior year.

Without a doubt, finding a dress is the best part. People that know me know that I am a cheapskate and thrift all of my dance dresses; however, I am envious of those who will get to wear these designs. Here are some of the most popular prom dress trends for the 2023 season. With these basic examples, there are infinite style opportunities!

Bright and bold colors (orange, blue, green, pink, purple, etc.)


Corsets and lace appliques

Lots of sequins

Glittery and iridescent fabrics

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Apr 19, 2023


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