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Should All French be Deleted from English?

Updated: Apr 2

I sent out a poll to North Scott learners and staff, asking them if they think all French words should be deleted from English.

An overwhelming 20% said French words should be kept in English

Here were some posts made backing French being axed:

  • “Hi Duncan I love [hating the French]”

  • “You need to be able to trust who you’re getting your information from.”

  • “People get their news from [people who speak English]. If the information they are being fed is delivered by some lying moron trying to [speak French], then there will be false, and potentially dangerous, information out there.”

  • “Because [French] is a problem 🙄”

  • ”Absolutely! First, all [English-speakers], young and old, should follow the [Anglish Wordbook]: [] [...] I feel that we are slipping back into the days of [French colonialism]. It is very unfortunate.”

  • ”We [speak English], not anything else. Even the slightest change of a word might change the [language] entirely.”

  • ”... To [speak French] is to fill the world with more ignorance.”

  • ”... In our current [society] too many ‘[English-speakers]’ have no shame in the ubiquity of shameless [French]hoods and dangerous fecal matter they spew on the general public…”

It is blatant that all of these freethinkers are ruthful about the ridding of French from the English tongue. I am 100% any of these guys would hate if their word had been put wrongly in my post, so I have gone through every step to be as truthful as I can. We have been dealing with French loanwords in English for hundreds of years. Ever since the inception of France, the English tongue has slowly been corrupted, and twisted into something unsightly and wretched.

As one of the posts said, there has been a project to withdraw French from the English tongue. A team has created something dubbed “Anglish” which has the goal of deleting from English any and all words from abroad, swapping them out with German equivalents. I think this is kind of mean though, and we should only delete words that come from French. I believe this new tongue should be the actual English, and the English we have now should be renamed to Frenglish.

I will now show some of the posts saying French should be kept, although I must forewarn that these beliefs do not in any way match my own:

  • "[French] is important especially when approaching with an open mind about different [languages].”

  • "I have no freaking clue what that is.”

  • "If [it] was important, we wouldn't be taught about the [French] in school”

  • "🗿”

  • "I think that It depends on the source. If coming from a licensed doctor, for example, [speaking English] is very important. A medical degree is something people trust. However, if it is a source of [French] entertainment or something similar, I think everyone should have freedom of [French] and [French] expression.”

  • "Sometimes it’s ok to [speak French]. It can bring [the French]’s spirits up.”

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Robert Palmer
Robert Palmer

Je suis complètement d'accord. Fini le français en anglais ! De plus, j’aime l’intégrité journalistique. Je suis heureux de pouvoir vous faire confiance pour être honnête.

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