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Smoothie King Is King

Have you ever tried Smoothie King? What do you think of it? There is only one Smoothie King nearby in Bettendorf. I think Smoothie King is very good for smoothies, and smoothie bowls. They have a lot of different options for both that are all very good. Some people think it is a bit pricey, but it is for a very good and high quality smoothie. It is also very convenient to walk in or order beforehand compared to buying every ingredient you need, blending it all up, then having to clean it all after. This can become a big mess that not many people want to deal with. There are a number of reasons you should give Smoothie King a try. 

The first reason you should try Smoothie King is because it is very good. There are also so many options for smoothies, and smoothie bowls. They have the option for coffee smoothies to get the boost of energy to fuel your day. These will be a bit healthier compared to your normal coffee. They also have specific smoothies for energy, with many different options. All of their different smoothie options are, feel energized blend, get fit blend, manage weight blend, be well blend, enjoy a treat blend, and finally their kids blends. You can also customize any smoothie you want, and add whatever ingredients, as well as protein, energy boost, slim enhancers, and wellness enhancers.

Smoothie King gives you full control of what you want for a smoothie with these customizable options. 

Smoothie King also makes smoothie bowls. They take a little more time to make compared to a normal smoothie. They have two different kinds which are acai base and a pitaya base. They have 8 smoothie bowls total with those two bases, and different toppings on each of the different bowls. The smoothie bowls are very good especially if you want something a little more filling. 

I would highly recommend Smoothie King for many different reasons. They have a very high quality smoothie, and smoothie bowls. This comes with no mess for you since you don't have to make it yourself. I definitely think everyone should try Smoothie King at least once to give it a chance. 

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