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Sonic X Shadow Generations: Doomed to Fail?


Sonic X Shadow Generations is a recently announced remaster of Sonic Generations set to release Fall 2024. It was announced during the PlayStation State of Play livestream January 31, 2024. The game will both be the remaster as well as have a brand new campaign with Shadow the hedgehog as the sole protagonist.

Pre-reveal and Fan Worries

Domain Registration of the SonicXShadowGenerations Website

Before the game was officially announced there were some notable leaks of a Sonic Generations remaster on the horizon. As well as there was a website and domain registered by Sega under which supported these leaks.

However the fans of the series were not too enthusiastic. Mostly due to the lack of information the leaks brought but as well as the lackluster quality of the previous two remasters of sonic games, being Sonic Colors Ultimate and Sonic Origins. With the poor business decisions from Sega regarding these remasters as well as the games being riddled with glitches.

All this put a poor taste in Sonic fans mouths regarding remakes and remasters for past sonic games.

However there was still hope that this extra Shadow content would be enough to make the game worth it even if it is a lackluster remaster. Even then many speculated that it would be a simple model and animation swap with no real content added.

The Reveal

During the State of Play livestream we soon got the official reveal of the game. it started out looking like a normal gameplay trailer of the remaster, however soon we got the reveal of Shadow and his campaign.

Overall it looked very promising with past locations and enemies that surround Shadow as a character such as Space Colony Ark and The Biolizard. Based off descriptions from the Steam page and the official website Black Doom, one of Shadow's major antagonists from his past, is the driving force in this new campaign.

All this and a new look at some action shots of Shadow doing epic feats brought up a lot of excitement for this remaster opposed to its more negative reception before.

The Future for the game and if its Doomed to Fail

All in all the fans reception, while pretty apprehensive at first, is now looking a lot more up with many expressing their excitement and hype for this new campaign and remaster of one of the series most beloved games. Of course there are many who still doubt Sega's business decisions and quality but until we see more of the game only time will tell...

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