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Spark Up Your Valentine's Day with These Creative Date Ideas

Let's be honest: no one wants to be taken on a simple dinner date or to the movies for Valentine's Day. That’s cliche and boring. Here are some ideas to make your Valentine’s Day meaningful and exciting!

A Take-out Tour

Who doesn’t love food? A take-out tour will cure your hunger and make for an eventful evening. Each person will take turns choosing what drinks, appetizers, main courses, and desserts they want from different restaurants around town. Flip a coin or use an app to decide who will pick which restaurant they want first. Take the food back home and enjoy all your favorites in one night.  

Bike Ride

Not everything on Valentine's Day has to cost money. There are many free date ideas that you can do with your significant other that are just as fun as expensive dates. Take a bike ride on your local bike path or along the river. Pack an easy and fun meal to take on a lovely picnic for lunch or romantic dinner. Learn how to cook something new together. These ideas are all primarily free and a fun way to spend your special day with your special someone.

Drive-in Movie

Something that is kind of basic but not talked about enough is a drive-in movie. Instead of going to a boring movie theater, enjoy being outside in the nice weather (if it’s nice outside where you are). It’s also relatively cheap and usually not too busy either. Drive-in movies also allow for food, so make sure to bring a fun dinner while watching one of your favorites on the big screen.  

New Activities

Getting out of town for the week and spending time without distractions would make for a great weekend with your significant other. You don’t have to go somewhere far if you don’t want to. Even somewhere just an hour away would be a new fun experience for the both of you. Going somewhere new can also lead to new activities you and your date can try. 

Activities like topgolf, bowling, ice skating, karaoke, rock climbing, and more can create either a relaxing or lively date night for you and your partner. Trying something new that you two can both learn together makes for a great date night and may become one of your favorite date night ideas for future use. 

I hope these ideas spark one of your interests and can be added to your list of future date ideas. Don’t make your date die of boredom on Valentine's Day. Listen to me instead!

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