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Staycations Are the New Vacations

Spring break is a time for drinking, recklessness, and teens gone wild. Or is it? Of course, this is MTV’s version of spring break, but what should a break really be about?

A lot of students here at North Scott go on vacation for spring break, especially to Florida. I will never understand the appeal of Florida in March, and I feel like vacations are a hassle. Planning a vacation is stressful in itself, but on top of that there’s packing, travel costs, and it’s exhausting. A vacation should be about rest and relaxation, but people only make it more stressful on themselves.

These are the reasons why I love staycations. There’s a lot of fun and inexpensive things to do while staying home on spring break—even in Iowa. First off, the weather usually isn’t that bad. It’s often cold, but not entirely unbearable.

However, this year’

s forecast is particularly beautiful, staying mostly in the 50’s and 60’s. The high on Wednesday is 72! This opens up a lot more outdoor opportunities than in many years. Hiking, running, biking, or even a walk outside are all cheap and relaxing options. There are some great parks that are pretty close to home, too. Mines of Spain in Dubuque is a great one if you’re up for a tiny road trip.

Mines of Spain in Dubuque, Iowa

It’s also a whole week without any homework! In addition to the fun things that can be done, there’s also a ton of time to be productive. Spring cleaning is one of my favorites. With no school, there is so much free time, if you stay home, of course. A clear room is a clear mind, and cleaning is proven to be very therapeutic in this sense.

People underestimate the value of local businesses, too. Today’s world is so fast paced and focused on having the best—which usually means a popular brand. But here’s the good thing about staying home. There’s time to explore business and places that there’s usually no time for! Personally, I am very excited to explore the Quad Cities this coming week, as I never have the free time to do so. Davenport, Rock Island, and Moline have a lot to offer!

Staying home may not seem like a fun option at first, but it is so worth it. A break should be relaxing, not stressful and busy. Don’t feel guilty for going somewhere, just know that there’s a lot back home that you could be missing out on.

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