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The Abuse Animals Go Through for Your Hair and Skincare Products

Updated: Mar 28

The abuse animals go through for your hair / Skin care products  

 Did you know that approximately 100,000-200,000 animals die every year due to cosmetic testing? 

This means that for your face masks and makeup collection, animals have died specifically for your makeup or leave-in conditioner. Now I do not mean to disgust you with makeup entirely. I just want you to be informed about the product you are using constantly and what some animals have died for. 

As I get into the details, those of you who are animal lovers, including myself, should be more aware of the things that happen to get us our products.

 As (Dr. Clifton E. Barry, chief of the Tuberculosis Research Section at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases) explains, "If we look to the mouse to model every aspect of the disease for man, and to model cures, we're just wasting our time. We have moved away from studying human disease in humans."

The Hard Truth of Cosmetic Animal Testing


In the article, "Cosmetic Animal Cruelty: The good, the Bad, the Ugly,” they explain, “In these tests, the animals have chemicals forced down their throats, into their eyes, and onto their shaved skin in order to document their reaction to ensure their safe use for humans. These tests determine if these products cause general illness or health hazards like cancer or birth defects. They also conduct lethal dose tests, where the animals are forced to swallow large amounts of a test chemical to see what dose can cause death. These tests can result in immense pain, distress, blindness, swollen eyes, sore and bleeding skin, internal bleeding, organ damage, birth defects, convulsions, and even death in the animals.” 

Yet some people who are animal haters don’t seem to care about the suffering of the animals and what they go through to get them their hair care products such as heat protectants, hair masks, and other such items. I am here to let you in behind the scenes for making your hair care products. 

The Upsetting Aftermath of Animal Testing

Frequently, animals are killed without any pain meds if the drug that was forced onto their body if does not kill them first.  Even though it is not a law here, like it is in China They see them as beings without feelings or souls and just see them as objects subject to torture. If they do get adopted, it is very rare that they will be able to trust humans ever again after the constant trauma they have endured throughout time and the pain they suffered.  

While there is scientific research that backs up the productive use of animal testing, the act seems inhumane to some and cruel in general but we share 95% of DNA with mice which makes them the perfect subject to test on. It makes it close enough to test it since it is so close to the humans that are in so much high demand for certain hair care products. And because of that it makes the mice in general the perfect test subject.  Although this does seem inhumane and I can agree with those who think against it, I do believe there are many benefits that come with unfortunate animal testing.  

The Unfortunate Benefits of Animal Testing

 As unfortunate as it seems, animal testing has it benefits as it has saved humans themselves from being tested on which is a really good thing. “Scientific research on animals helps develop antibiotics and other medications, as well as immunizations and surgical procedures.  Animals are used in the testing of consumer products such as perfumes and shampoos.  Animals are also used to educate students in biology, medicine, and related fields. “ says the School of Medicine located at the University of Missouri.

 As  It does make me sad that we have to resort to animals as they are creatures that have just as much feeling as we do. It is crazy to think about some of these tests the animals go through, what they have had to endure, and why we sometimes treat them so roughly when they have no idea what they did to deserve such harsh treatment.  

While I think animal testing is bad and the horrors that come with it, there are benefits that I admit I also use because of the product quality. Just think how many animals may have suffered for the makeup/haircare products you use and use them with care for the animals that suffered.

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