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What Foods Have The Most Protein

Ever wondered what foods are the best for you, and have the most protein? Well we will be going over that today with different foods that have a lot of protein in them, and listing how much protein is in each type of food. Protein is good for you for a couple of reasons for your everyday life. Your body uses amino acids to build and repair muscles and bones and makes hormones and enzymes. Consuming protein gives you the amino acids you need for everyday life.

Red blood cells also contain a protein compound that carries oxygen throughout the body.

The first food that contains a lot of protein is chicken. On average a restaurant will serve 6 - 10 ounces of chicken. This will contain anywhere from 46 - 77 grams of protein.

Chicken has this much protein in it because chicken has all the nine essential amino acids.

We need all of these amino acids to repair muscles, and to have better health. 

Another food that has a lot of protein is steak. On average at a restaurant you have the choice of 8 - 12 ounces of steak. That would contain 56 - 84 grams of protein. Steak contains so much protein because the muscles of animals and humans share the same components for amino acids. There is also a lot of evidence that supports animal fats and proteins in the diet to fuel the brain, promote muscle health, boost immunity and provide the building blocks for healthy, well-functioning bodies and minds. 

Eating protein is very important for everyone in their everyday lives. Protein contains lots of healthy nutrients, and amino acids to fuel people for the day. By doing so it builds muscles by refueling them after working out or hard work, and protein also fuels your mind and brain for the day. Everyone needs protein in their everyday life to have a healthy life, and diet. I would highly recommend eating more protein daily if you do not eat a lot already. 

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