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Who Do North Scott Students Want For Smash Bros?

Updated: Apr 2

Earlier this week I sent out a poll asking North Scott Students who they want in the next Smash Bros game. Here are some of the responses!

Firstly we start with the "realistic pick." This is characters who are Nintendo characters or are usually associated with Nintendo.

While some responses were characters who are already playable characters in game, we still have a lot of fun answers!

Some of my favorites are Waluigi, Rouge the Bat, Eevee, Dry Bones, and of course Hairless Donkey Kong.

Now we have our "absolute wants." These are the characters who, while still being game characters, can be from any video game series.

Some of my favorite picks here are Hollow Knight, Wheatley, Master Chief, Doomguy/Doom Slayer, and Sans.

Finally, here are the "crack picks." These are literally any character, person, or thing from anything.

My favorites are Chuck Norris, Batman, Minions, Duncan Demarr, John Wick, and Joe Biden

As you can see there were some very creative responses and it was fun to see everyone's responses!

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