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Wordle in One

Wordle has captivated many over the last few months, and I, like many others, wake up in the morning and do my wordle. I used to be a person who liked to change their starting word every few days when about a month ago, it dawned upon me. If I use the same word every day, maybe one day the wordle will be that word.

Then it happened.

Although some people may choose a starting word with multiple vowels, I had a different approach. My starting word for the past few months has been “trash,” and due to its common consonants, it was a word that worked well for me. Many naysayers would say that my starting word was trash. Yes, it was trash.

My hopes and dreams came true on April 29, 2022, when just like any other morning, I typed in my first guess. Like a child seeing the BB gun under the tree on Christmas, I watched all of the boxes turn green. I was ecstatic—my hard work and dedication to doing the wordle every morning for the past five months paid off. I reached the peak of wordle.

But what’s next for my wordle journey? I guess it’s time for me to find a new starting word to use and wait for history to repeat itself. Until then, “trash” will always be my favorite 5-letter word.

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Sep 02, 2022

I know the feeling! A train passed by a few months ago as I was thinking of a word to use, so I typed in train- and train was the word of the day. Today I did it again. A word popped into my head, I typed it in, and it lit up green, all five letters. So ecstatic! 😀

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