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Engaging Future Engineers and Lawyers at John Deere

Engineering Careers

For students interested in Engineering: We are about to start our third year of Engineering Exploring at John Deere Davenport Works. Students meet once a month on a Monday afternoon (4:30-6:30) to learn, through hands-on activities, what different engineering careers are all about. (Electrical, design, manufacturing, quality, industrial, etc.) Everything that students learn throughout the

year is applied in spring as they work on a capstone project. This is a FREE program, and we still have room for 30 students! This outstanding program has roughly 30 volunteer engineers from Deere that serve as advisors, giving this program an unheard-of 1:1 ratio!

Law Careers

For students interested in law, John Deere and Company is hosting a Law and Legal Services program at their World Headquarters in Moline. One evening a month, students will explore various aspects of practicing law. The schedule will be set by popular vote at a meeting in October as to accommodate as many students as possible.

The deadline for these programs is September 22nd, so please apply. They have room in both programs. Any questions, please call Kenneth Brooks at 563.349.8051

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