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The 2017 QC Student Hunger Drive

Happy Fall North Scott Lancers! As we approach the beginning of November we enter a very exciting period of time for all the schools across the Quad Cities. The QC Student Hunger Drive is a hands on opportunity for the younger members of our community to get involved. Between October 2nd and November 8th students rally to raise more cans than those of rival schools.

In the past years, North Scott has been gradually decreasing the amount of food produced for the Hunger Drive. However, 90% of North Scott families are considered food safe, making it frustrating as our donating numbers fall. This year we hope to get all our students involved whether it be through advocating school events, or simply bringing in cans for different class contests. Even the teachers at North Scott are striving for cans through their own personal quests to wear jeans!

As we push towards the end of the food drive, we draw closer to loading day and the final rally. In order to make a difference everyone needs to get involved and that doesn’t mean just donating cans! Hunger Drive events hosted by our school play vital roles in the pounds of food we are able to collect. Just by coming to these events you are supporting the Hunger Drive. If the entirety of the student body comes together to donate, we can make an impact on our community. Get Involved. Donate to the 2017 Student Hunger Drive.

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