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Bark Bark Prom

Updated: May 17, 2022

These past couple years, the pandemic has drastically impacted our society. The rise of cases can cause a disruption in opportunities or events. Covid has brought a huge spread of illness within the student body impacting the possibility of prom.

Administrators discuss other options because of the unsettling weather causing seasonal “allergies”—“cough cough”—but it is actually covid. If the number of covid cases do not go down within the next 2-3 weeks, the administration has agreed to have the plan of delaying prom or canceling it for all people. The pandemic can severely impact the disapproval of prom and many students will be weary of this decision. Arguments may be disputed among the district with the final decision that they will have to make. Everyone has great hope of still connecting with others through these pandemic and has worked hard to get our educational system and extracurricular activities back to somewhat “normal” after covid. That being said, if I can’t go to prom, maybe my dogs should go for me instead!

Imagine going to PetSmart and buying your dog a prom dress. “Wait, do they have dog dresses at PetSmart?” Bringing my furry friend to prom will be a great solution that invites a new and safe way of prom. Not only dogs, but other animals are welcome! Everyone will be able to bring their pets and animals together in one room. All with their own outfits; forest bird chirping background music too! If you don't have a pet, you aren’t welcome.

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