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Braxton Townsley Signs With Alabama

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

North Scott football superstar Braxton “Big Sexy” Townsley has committed to play football for perennial powerhouse Alabama. Braxton had a stellar season for the Lancers playing guard on the offensive line. His contributions on the line were crucial for why North Scott’s offense was so potent during the season. Grayson Juel, the Lancer’s super funny, intelligent, and musically gifted quarterback, said, “Braxton Townsley is one of the nicest humans on the planet, and I’m so proud of his commitment and looking forward to him doing great things in the future.”

Braxton has always dreamed of playing for the Crimson Tide, and in his sophomore season, Nick Saban took notice. Braxton verbally committed shortly after an explosive season on the sophomore team. After two stellar varsity seasons which included a state championship, he is ready to take on the next chapter of his career.

"Big Sexy" and his quarterback Grayson Juel look quite dapper at prom last spring.

One of the most significant attributes of Braxton Townsley that made him a dangerous player was his contributions to the weight room and his frame. Grayson Juel further commented on Braxton’s work in the weight room, “He’s a big boy, and his strength and size will help him at the next level.” Braxton’s frame has been beneficial. He has changed his positions multiple times throughout high school, starting out playing linebacker and then finding a spot and developing on the offensive line. He is hoping to use that frame at Alabama.

Braxton Townsley sent me his official statement on his commitment:

First and foremost I would like to take the time and thank the people that helped me through this journey, my family, my coaches, the football staff, my teammates, and everyone who has doubted me through the years. Thank you to everyone that has helped me push through the tough times and that I have enjoyed good times with. Growing up as a kid it has always been a dream to play football at the next level and now I can finally say I am doing it. My biggest thank you goes out to my parents and step-parents, for always pushing me to go out and do things even when I didn’t want to. It all paid off in the end. I love everyone who has supported me and I am excited to contribute my athletic and academic career at The University of Alabama. #rolltide 🔴⚪️

It will be fascinating to see what the future holds for Braxton Townsley as he transitions into the next chapter at Alabama. However, his legacy at North Scott will live on long after his playing days are over. I love Braxton Townsley and will miss him dearly next year.

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