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Chapman's Presidential Plans to "Pop to the Top"

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

We all know and love English teacher Sean Chapman, but did you know that he has secret plans bigger than this school? Photos from a presidential campaign press conference have leaked showing Chapman speaking on several issues he plans on combatting for his 2024 presidency.

Video footage shows him answering questions relating to his goals to improve the country. Many reporters bring up the current international crisis, to which Chapman responds, “Just give ‘em popcorn.” Similar answers were given to all questions for his goals and plans. The general campaign theme seems to be popcorn centric.

The campaign’s slogan “Pop to the top” has many layers to it. Supporters claim that he plans to “Pop to the top” of the United States. It is also a play-on to his central goals, implementing popcorn into Congress.

A large portion of his donations come from supporters who agree with his construction plan that he wants to start in February of 2025. He states that in order to help Mt. Rushmore, “better represent our country,” it needs to be changed to “Mt. Popmore.” His plans for

reconstruction looks something like this.

The secondary plan for his presidency is the ban on caramel corn. This part has the most controversy, as even the most supportive fans are unsure of this idea. Chapman’s reasoning is simple, as he believes that “only the classics are necessary.” Both haters and lovers alike commonly talk about this plan as some call it "the worst presidential joke right below Trump.

Wonderful photos thanks to Cayden Carlson

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1 Comment

Apr 01, 2022

as a caramel popcorn eater myself, i am offended

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