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Chat With A Club: Jazz Choir

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

Do you like jazz music? Do you like to sing? Well, Jazz Choir might be your best bet!

To convince you to join Jazz Choir, I interviewed Mrs. Potts, the leader of the club!

What does Jazz Choir do?

Mrs. Potts: "Performs music from the vocal jazz genre of singing."

What opportunities are within Jazz Choir?

Mrs. Potts: "Students have the opportunity to perform in a small ensemble, and learn about microphone techniques. We perform at home concerts as well as state contests."

How could Jazz Choir help me as a person?

Mrs. Potts: "Jazz Choir helps students develop confidence as a performer. It also helps develop your skills in ear training as vocal jazz music tends to be more difficult with tighter harmonies."

Do you have any other information that you would like to tell everyone?

Mrs. Potts: "Jazz Choir is a fun way to use your voice, meet new friends, and develop skills in performing."


Thank you for reading! The last day to audition is Friday, November 11th so good luck to everyone who has and who does audition!

Congrats to all of the people who got into the Jazz Choir! Great job, and I can't wait to hear some jazz songs from you guys!

Great job, NS Jazz Choirs! State was so fun to listen to and I recommend it to everyone next year. It is a great experience!

The Whole Lotta Bass Jazz Choir.

The 200 South Jazz Choir.

The Bit of Treble Bass Jazz Choir.

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