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Fake as Heck Music Review

"If I’m not jumping the gun yet, I’d say it’s probably his best song to date."

Here we are back at it again with yet another music review. It feels fitting that one of my last few articles is a review of Grayson’s newest song, while one of my first articles was a double review, which was certainly fun. Now here I am reviewing his latest song. It’s certainly an improvement from his other work too. If I’m not jumping the gun yet, I’d say it’s probably his best song to date. Let’s stop beating around the bush, let's get into what makes the song work. First things first, Grayson uses an electric guitar as his main instrumentation. A pretty big departure from his previous softer works, but it helps add to the song. It gives it a much more forward sound to it— like Grayson isn’t holding anything back from us. This is also amplified when he has multiple guitars layered over each other in the chorus. In addition, the drumming in the song does a good job at giving it a nice backbone and beat to it, while still feeling fluid almost. The electric guitar specifically has a resonance to it which helps make it sound a little more pleasing to the ears, which I think fits well with the theming of the song. It’s a bash of someone who hurt Grayson. It feels aggressive while still adding some comfort since he still has some good memories tied to whoever he’s speaking to. Although, apparently, the song itself is about a lot of people. When asked about it, the songwriter said he had to rewrite the song over three times so it could apply to other people’s lives. I think this is what makes the song so good. The way all the different pieces of the song come together with the instrumentation supporting the message of the lyrics makes a song that resonates with the listener long after it’s done.

If you want to listen to the song yourself you can find it here or on other streaming services.

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