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Finch: Self Care App

Finch is a self care app and widget that helps users feel motivated, taking it day by day. This app gives the user a pet bird that they can name and take care of as an incentive to get things done. The more you complete, the more the user's bird grows. They even offer outfits and accessories for the birds.

Each day, you are given goals either from a journey or personal goals you choose yourself. Journeys are pre-scheduled and prewritten goals that users can choose. Some journeys include “tidy space, tidy mind” and “greet the day” with goals that relate to the name of the journey. When you complete a goal, it gives your bird energy points. When you reach 25 energy points, your bird goes on an adventure, which starts out at eight hours. By completing more goals and gaining more energy points, your bird will return faster. When your bird eventually does return from a journey, it will give you a story which builds its personality.

If you still have goals after your bird is done adventuring, completing them will give you rainbow stones which are used to buy clothing.

Finch also offers a journal feature where you can reflect on goals you have completed throughout the day and also use to express how you're feeling.

Some users of Finch have reported an increase in overall motivation, feeling better mentally and physically, managing their time and activites better, and better coping skills. Personally, the Finch app has helped me keep track of my days and feel less stressed. I struggle with planning out what I need to do, and when I need to do it, but Finch has taken that weight off of my shoulders.

I highly recommend this app if you struggle with time management, anxiety, or just want a cute bird to help you through your day.

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