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Goodbye Sips, Hello Hot Broth! (NOTE: this is an April Fool's joke; we LOOOOOVE Sips)

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Sips, Eldridge’s most beloved coffee shop, will be closing its doors on April 13th and reopening as Hot Broth!, a store devoted to broths with various flavors and animal bases. Loved by stressed high school students and Roast magazine alike, Sips has been a local favorite for ages, but Hot Broth! is hoping to capitalize on the hot broth craze sweeping the nation.

They’re no longer interested in coffee competition—it’s all broths for them. So everyone, get your Sips while you can! If you like energy drinks I have to recommend the peach cobbler. Hot Broth is coming—get those spoons ready!

Dear anyone, you should know that we, at The Lance, dearly love Sips and would do nothing to hurt their business, so if you're reading this, PLEASE hurry to Sips and order two--one for you, and one for the friendly, well-meaning staff of The Lance. We love you Sips, and happy (?) April Fools!

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1 Comment

Apr 01, 2022

anyone know where volt is opening? I can't find a coffee shop called volt

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