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How-To: Make An Efficient Study Guide

A study guide, or your personalized collection of the most important topics in a class, is very important for studying!

Rather than searching through Canvas for different class presentations, documents, and activities, you can have just one page!

What Is a Study Guide Meant To Have in It?

Every day, many teachers of North Scott present information to their students. The information you want to add to your study guide is the facts within their presentations. For instance, if your chemistry teacher has a presentation on atomic structures, you should write the most important points down. No one wants to go through a whole unit of class on Canvas to make a study guide later, so might as well take the 30 seconds to write it down then.


Here is my study guide template that I created for High School and why I made it the way it is:

Unit Heading: for easy finding later if you need it for another unit too

The date: if you need to look at a presentation from that day on Canvas

What was learned: the information you want to remember

Definition: either a Google Definition or your own, this can help you remember what it actually is rather than just the name

Purpose: to understand why you are learning it or how it contributes to the process you are learning about

Photo or drawing: this can help visual learners and those who want to see what the information is actually about

If You Don't Like Study Guides, You Can Use Flashcards!

Greedy Quizlet has had so many ads and limits on non-subscription members recently, but that isn't stopping some people. There is a website named Knowt that was made for people who can't pay for Quizlet's Premium Service. You can make flashcards on their website and even transfer Quizlet flashcards to their platform. They let you use the set as many times as you want and they have the "Learn" feature like Quizlet once had free. It is a really nice tool for studying and I recommend it to all the flashcard users out there!


Thanks for reading this and good luck with your studying!

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