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Lunch Is Served

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

We got an exclusive scoop for this week’s upcoming lunch menu! Here’s what we’re going to be wolfing down this week. Whether you have A, B, or C lunch, you’ll get to enjoy these delicious dishes just the same. There’s a great mix of cultural and taste diversity for all types of eaters. There will be fresh greens, deep sauces, and delicious flavors every day.

On Monday, the main course will be deep-fried pickle remains from last week's side dish! The ethnic dish will be raw ramen noodles with no hot water or bowls! The sides will be reheated leftovers for both the ethnic and main lines.

On Tuesday, the main course will be a 10 oz. Filet Mignon for everyone! Medium rare is recommended! The ethnic course will be a hearty bowl of Mei Fun noodles. The side dishes will be charbroiled asparagus and deep-fried rice.

On Wednesday, the main course will be frog legs with a side of worms! And the ethnic dish will be week-old leftovers from Panda Express! This ethnic side dish will be accompanied by partially consumed fortune cookies (without the fortune, sorry)

Thursday's main course will consist of all the stuff you leave on your trays! The side dish will be dinner rolls. The ethnic dish will be the same as the main dish as well as the sides but with spices.

On Friday, we will be having a multi-Turkey feast with vegan substitutes for all! The side dishes will be all your classic Thanksgiving appetizers! The ethnic dish will be a gathering of tacos, empanadas, tamales, tortas, homemade salsa, and many more amazing items with sauces and sides.

These are all the amazing food choices you get this week Lancers, eat up and enjoy!

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