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Today I am going to be talking about a band named “Static Dress,” Static Dress is a English hardcore punk band from Leeds, West Yorkshire. The band was formed in 2018 by Olli Appleyard, Sam Kay, and Tom Black, along with Conor Reilly. In 2021. Sam Kay and Tom Black departed from the group, being replaced by Contrast and Sam Ogden. The first song and first music video that was released from the band is called “Clean.” Clean is a mixture of Pop punk, emo, and metal all in one. I remember when the song Clean was first released and half the comments said something along the lines of “Emo music is back, Is rock coming back?, or talked about how this band is gonna open up so many new bands and new sounds in the rock genre.” I first heard of static dress when I was updating a playlist and one of their songs just popped up, and I've been listening to them ever since then, that was like 8 months ago.

Static Dress has a very unique style when it comes to clothing and also when it comes to their music videos. The Static Dress’s look is very dark . The lead singer has red hair and usually has very long nails that are painted and sharp. The guitar player wears a mask to hide his face. The bass player wears very baggy dark clothing, and the drummer has long hair that covers his face and wears more fancy dark fashion. The bands music videos seem to follow along with each other because they all seem to take place in a similar place because a lot of the videos have the white and green striped background which is the band's favorite colors. The music videos really evolve throughout the band's career, and the reason they do this is to show how they evolve and don't want to be in the same boat everytime they make something because they are unique and very different. The band's clothing fashion describes them and their music better in my opinion because the clothes get straight to the point that they are alternative, and that their music is going to be, but it's the type of clothing that’s polished and wasn't just thrown on, and that's how I feel they do with making music also.

The band Static Dress is one popular band right now for only having a few singles out and sort of a complete album. They have gotten the attention from some major bands like Bring me the Horizon, bad assumption, and Pierce the Veil has talked about this band on twitter. There have been rumors about this band coming to America and doing a tour with those bands I've talked about. Bring me the Horizon has been talking about this band, and how they are the new generation of emo music because a lot of older emo bands are breaking up or not making the same music they used to like Bring me the Horizon which they made their music more electronic rock music. Static Dress is the new wave of emo music for this generation to come, and if im being honest, they could have the same impact My Chemical Romance had with there fans because there music is so different from everyone else.

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