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New Music with Drew: Little Corn

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Little Corn During Happier Days

Today I'm going to be talking about a band named Little Corn. Little Corn members $ierra and L@ney are from Davenport Iowa. These two were always amazing friends but when they realized they were both musically talented they decided to start a band just for fun and record music they would like to hear instead of searching up artists that fit what they wanted they became the artists.

$ierra is the lead singer in this group and L@ney is backup vocals and also the DJ of the group so she makes all the beats behind the music. When talking to these artists they told me their music was a “Girl version of $uicideboy$.” If you haven't heard of this rap group, you should really check them out to get a better understanding of their music. My personal favorite track by Little Corn is their hit “CornBread” which blew up on SoundCloud in 2021 which got them 50,000 followers on SoundCloud in less than a month. This song has everything: distorted bass, catchy beat, and meaningful lyrics.

When this song was released, every single record company was hitting them up and they finally went with Roadrunner records where shortly after that they went on a world tour playing their unreleased music and also playing “CornBread” to get them in the hype of what's to come. Shortly after touring $ierra and L@ney have gotten into a fight that involves their next album, L@ney wanted to try something new with the genre of music they were in and wanted to expand instead of just being one thing and $ierra did not want to change at all because she thought the fans would leave, but since they couldn't work together, Little Corn is no longer as of right now.

Fast forward to now, $ierra has come back into the scene of music but she's alone this time. $ierra decided she wasn't gonna wait for L@ney to come to terms with not changing up the music but decided she was gonna work solo but still be under the name Little Corn. $ierra made a post on the Little Corn Instagram about how she was the one creating the beat and the lyrics to the music now and becoming a solo artist. She even announced a tour thats going to be happening in June, July, and August.

This tour is gonna be an American tour then after the American tour shes gonna have a European tour then take a while to work on a new album. L@ney said shes not worried about Little Corn doing their own thing because she was also doing her own thing. L@ney said she always wanted to make softer music, like Lofi type of music so she can relax and feel happy. She said shes gonna do some pop punk type music as well because that's what she grew up on and think she would do well with.

After Little Corn just became $ierra, L@ney was signed to Roadrunner records and that made $ierra mad to the point where she blocked L@ney on everything and basically told her shes a copycat with no talent. L@ney was not having that, so when L@ney released her first piece of music, it gained so much attention. L@ney had 100,000 followers on SoundCloud in less than three weeks with her Lofi album she released which is really impressive when it comes to solo artists that changed up everything from their last releases. As of right now $ierra and L@ney are doing very good on their own, but I hope they get the band back together to add a little bit of everything to see what they could create together with the new things they learned.

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