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New Music with Drew: Vinyl Theatre

Today I am going to be talking about a band named Vinyl Theatre. The way I heard of Vinyl Theatre is because of twenty one pilots. twenty one pilots had a tour for their Blurry Face album and invited Vinyl Theatre to tour with them. Vinyl Theatre is an American Indie rock band from Wisconsin. The band was formed in 2012 by Keegan Calmes and Chris Senner; the band then added Josh Pothier and Nick Cesarz. The band would post their music on Soundcloud for a couple years before being signed to Fueled by Ramen in 2014. The song that got me hooked to them is their song “Breaking up My Bones.” It has a very catchy hook and also a very catchy beat in the background. This band uses real instruments but also uses electronic instruments as well to make that pop rock sound. Spotify describes them as “80s post-punk-inspired music that straddles the line between melodic rock, synth pop, and electronic dance music.” I’d say that’s a good description for this group because there music doesn't fit into one category because they use elements from each music genre. Their visual art like their album covers are very different from each other, but one thing is they are all very colorful and are all very unique with a lofi/retro look to them. Their album Electrogram is one of the most unique album covers; this album also got them signed to Fueled by Ramen because the album art really grabbed their attention, and when the label listened to the album, they were blown away because they were not expecting that sound out of this album.

When they got signed to Fueled by Ramen, they got a lot more attention from fans and other bands. One of those bands was twenty one pilots like I mentioned before, and the two bands became close because of their unique music sound and also because they were both signed by Fueled by Ramen. The two bands were becoming closer and closer and they decided to tour with Vinyl Theatre which was a good thing because all my friends that went to that tour still talk about Vinyl Theatre´s performance and twenty one pilots, for a band's first time touring like this they did an amazing job doing so.

Vinyl Theatre has a lot of music videos out and also has a lot of videos of the band touring, filming funny moments, or just announcing new music. They always find a way to make themselves laugh or make the audience laugh and that's a good thing for a band. Their album “STARCRUISER” was their last album for awhile because the lead singer and guitar player left the band for a bit and they never gave a reason so I was guessing they were just dealing with personal problems but in 2021 the lead singer and guitar player posted on Twitter that they were back in the band for good and not planning on leaving so i'm excited for new music from them and I wonder if they are going to keep the same sound or change it up for their new album.

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